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  • Robin Slick

Island Flowers are Blooming

Updated: Jun 18, 2023

Nantucket summer here we come! Exploring the island with all of its breathtaking blooms is just one of the many reasons why this place is so special to so many. Searching for the most magnificent flowers is an activity that takes you all over the island. Downtown never disappoints with its beautiful window boxes, Land Bank pocket parks, and unique fencing around historic properties. To the east end of the island are the famous Scosent roses engulfing old cottages, and ocean front estates along the Bluff Walk, displaying hedges of hydrangeas as far as one can see. The daffodils begin the flower season, blooming in April, and endless varieties of flowers continue to open their petals throughout the spring and summer! Click on the photos to view separately.

Photos by Robin Slick


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