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MarcAnthony Crimi

Regional General Manager, Blue Flag Partners

"Once again, we hired Slick Productions to shoot 3D models for the marketing of our hotels. The first time, for our “Faraway” and "Life House" hotels on Nantucket, and this time for our “Faraway” hotel on Martha’s Vineyard. Working with Robin has been a seamless experience, along with her professionalism, she provides a marketing product that is beyond measure. The turnaround time was impressive as well. We use the 3D virtual tours everyday. Sending the links of the tours to prospective guests/clients is so simple, and it has solidified many individual and group reservations. An added benefit is using the 3D models as training tools with our reservations and operations team.  We highly recommend their services for the quality of their work, and we also so much enjoyed working with Robin and David."


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Andrew Oliveira

Marketing Manager, Little Gem Resorts

"Slick Productions was a pleasure to work with in the production of marketing products for our properties. I hired Robin and David on a prior occasion to shoot 3D models and to provide professional photography for our Nantucket Hotel & Resort property. This time they shot our Winnetu Oceanside Resort property in Martha's Vineyard. The finished products were exceedingly stunning and gained overwhelmingly positive feedback. The 3D models have proven to be extremely helpful to clients planning events since they can virtually walk through the spaces, and they are also able to experience the different types of accommodations we offer, in the same manner. Robin and David are easy to work with in every way. They are reliable, efficient and pay close attention to all details. Again we were thrilled with the quickness of the completion of the job, and we look forward to sharing these phenomenal marketing tools with our future clients."



Click on Images & Scroll with Arrows to View 3D Tours

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