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Andrew Oliveira

Marketing Manager, Little Gem Resorts

"Once again Slickproductions was a pleasure to work with in the production of marketing products for our properties. I hired Robin & David on a prior occasion to shoot 3D models & to provide professional photography for our Nantucket Hotel & Resort property. This time they shot our Winnetu Oceanside Resort property in Martha's Vineyard. The finished products were exceedingly stunning and gained overwhelmingly positive feedback. The 3D models have proven to be extremely helpful to clients planning events since they can virtually walk through the spaces, and they are also able to experience the different types of accommodations we offer in the same manner. Robin & David are easy to work with in every way. They are reliable, efficient and pay close attention to all details. Again we were thrilled with the quickness of the completion of the job, and we look forward to sharing these phenomenal marketing tools with our future clients.."

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