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  • Robin Slick

Blog | “Everything to See Here” 2023 Summer & Fall Highlights

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

Overlooking Main St. from my William Raveis up-time desk, the morning rays of sunlight hit the cobblestones making them glisten and sparkle. The occasional car is heard, a far different sound than the summer hustle and bustle of downtown traffic. I am able to take a deep breath in and out, and begin the task of looking through recent photos in an effort to determine which ones have not been posted to my social media accounts "highlighting" in the moment "stories" and "reels" of beautiful summer adventures, and activities.

A reasonable and frequently asked question pops into my head. “How many sunrises, sunsets, lighthouses, harbor views can a person take?" It’s all about the light, it changes everything. Not only knowing where the sun rises and sets depending on the seasons, but add the ever-changing weather events, clouds of all formations, and those iconic island landmarks and beaches, from Great Point Light to the famed Madaket sunsets, look different every time. Chasing a sunset or sunrise never gets old. My favorite of this lot is the early-morning fog rolling in over the Moors, only to make way for glorious sunshine just moments later, as the sun rose over Sconset Beach.

Living here year-round I am privileged to see it all, take a look, “Everything to See Here!”

Click on the the individual photos to see them in full size.


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