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  • Robin Slick

"Nantuktuk" - Exploring the Island in Style with Nantucket's first Pedicab Business

It’s NanTukTuk’s second year, and a “NEW RIDE” is being offered. The“Couple's TukTuk” decorated with flowers, a “Just Married” sign, and if desired, Cisco Brewery beer cans attached to strings, tied to the back. They can provide up to four TukTuks per event, each being able to carry up to three passengers.

Pedicabs on Nantucket, what a novel and whimsical idea. Nantucket is charming and so are pedicabs, exactly the Nantucket vibe! Relax, learn about the island, take in the sights of Town, and feel the warm island breeze.

With last summer’s pilot season being a HUGE a success, CTO (Chief Tricycle Officer), Michael Gormley, is well along in the process of doubling his fleet of pedicabs, also known as“TukTuks’, from two to four. Michael feels, “It’s the most wonderful job, being outdoors, and spending time with happy vacationers who want to be on the TukTuk.”

As an event coordinator in Sri Lanka, he would constantly hire TukTuks for events since they were hugely convenient, and guests loved them. He then started NanTukTuk last summer and had a blast working with many weddings and events. According to Michael, "The TukTuks proved to be a unique amenity that enhanced guest experiences, and was also hugely appreciated from guests with mobility impairments, and high heels.”


The pedicabs stay close to the downtown area, and if all goes according to plan, this summer they will also operate from more locations. From the Chicken Box to top of Main Street, to Steps Beach, and everything within those boundaries, as well as Bartlett Farm road, primarily between Cisco Brewery, and the satellite parking lot.


The TukTuks have been customized with added suspension, and wide tires, for added comfort over the cobblestones. Michael assures his customers, “Do not worry, we will still be providing our fan favorite 'cobblestone back massages,' although the massage will no longer be deep tissue.” Gormley went on, “I use my better judgment. I don’t mind flowing right along with the other cars, and bikes in Town. Generally, the speeds are slow and I just fall in line. People are cheering all the time, and I think my pedicab attracts people who want to have fun. The pedicab idea has been warmly embraced by the public.”

To request more information and/or to book an experience with NanTukTuK Pedicabs,

please reach out to Michael | Tel: 508.257.1443 | Email: | Follow: @nan_tuk_tuk | Website:


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