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  • Robin Slick

Looking to Attract More Customers to Your Hotel, Restaurants & Event Spaces?

Updated: Apr 21

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The latest marketing tool to elevate the promotion of your hotel is a 3D virtual tour. These interactive tours increase engagement rates, bookings and drive higher occupancy rates. A 3D walkthrough allows your guests to experience your property as if they were actually there, going far beyond 2D photography, helping your hotel stand out from the competition. Create a Connection Before Your Guests Arrive When planning a vacation, potential guests extensively research online before deciding where to book reservations. With a Matterport 3D virtual tour you can provide customers access to all areas of your hotel which will increase the chance of them visiting in person. Guests can quickly imagine themselves vacationing at your hotel and can then easily choose your hotel from the comfort of their own home. Get More Virtual Foot Traffic & Increase Bookings 3D immersive tours are not only cost-effective marketing tools, they are also exciting and FUN for prospective clients to use. The innovative technology keeps them engaged on your website for a longer period of time thereby increasing the chances of them booking. Viewing high quality and well-composed images of a beautifully decorated room from every angle will entice them to book, and sometimes even to upgrade to a higher category room. 3D virtual tours build confidence in your guests, knowing that what they are seeing online is actually how it looks in real life. With more realistic expectations, guests are more likely to click the “book now” button. Highlight Amenities of Your Hotel to Make It Stand Out In addition to the smooth interactive experience of walking through your hotel with a 3D virtual tour, other Matterport technology features provide a deeper engagement with potential customers. The Dollhouse View shows the overall layout of your unique property and how different parts of the hotel relate to one another. Quite popular are Mattertags which are used to highlight key features of guest rooms, and other hotel amenities such as spas, fitness centers and dining options. Attach a 360° outside view to show the grounds of the hotel, whether it be a garden, a spectacular golf course or ocean view, or a hot tub/pool.

Show Connecting Guest Rooms Using Mattertags Click on the photos to see the complete 3D Virtual Tours of these guest rooms.

Restaurants, Bars, Meeting & Event Spaces

Save Time on In-Person Visits Empowering potential customers and event planners to explore your venue 24/7 in immersive 3D, reduces the amount of walk through requests to only those who are very interested in your space and saves time with in-person visits since many questions are already answered when viewing the virtual tour. Be Viewed as Cutting Edge For many as they search the Internet it will be their first time learning about your venue and the services that you provide in connection with hosting events. By providing professional 3D virtual tours you will be viewed as being on the cutting edge when it comes to marketing. Organizers, engaged couples and their families can walk through your beautiful interiors, explore the outside surroundings and stroll around the venue imagining themselves celebrating in your space. Matterport 3D virtual tours will put your venue on the shortlist for an in-person viewing as they plan their perfect day. Showcase Unique Features of Your Venue Schematic floor plans are one of several additional features of your Matterport 3D virtual model and are helpful with planning the design and layout of tables, chairs and other décor options. The Dollhouse View enables visitors to view the overall layout of your space and understand how rooms link together along with seeing access points and common areas. Mattertags are especially useful with event spaces as you can attach text, links, and multimedia content to specific points in your 3D virtual model. For instance, to get a feel for how the space can be configured, virtual visitors can be excited with tags that contain images and videos of past events hosted in the space.


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