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  • Robin Slick

Matterport's "Winter 2024 Release" Automating the Future & Property Intelligence

On February 15, 2024, Matterport launched several new AI-powered features for its 3D models. According to Matterport's Editorial Team, "When Matterport began this journey more than a decade ago, we sought to transform how the world could experience a space or place, from wherever they live or work. Our digital twin technology quickly became the industry standard for Property Marketing, enabling anybody to virtually walk through a property from anywhere in the world."

Matterport has continued to come up with a variety of tools that make it possible to remotely collaborate for industries that historically relied on in-person communication to get things done, from Design & Construction to Facilities Management.

"Matterport Property Intelligence is a new collection of insight-driven features, representing years of advancements in AI and data science to automatically surface detailed information about a property." These intelligent features are designed to help the user better understand and make decisions about their properties - whether listing a new home for sale, marketing a hotel and its' guest rooms and common areas, showcasing a retail space and its' merchandise, or managing a construction site.

Room Dimensions & Labels

Matterport users can access vital property information instantly – from automatically calculating square footage of a space, to determining ceiling height and wall dimensions, to exporting that data to MLS listings." Rooms are automatically labeled, with this new technology that is able to identify more than 20 different space types, such as kitchens, offices, bedrooms, closets, etc.

Property Layout

Instantly see the layout of your property. "With one click, easily transition between 2D and 3D views of your space, including labeled room names, wall segments and more. Every room in is fully editable with a simple, point-and-click tool to adjust walls, openings, and room names." It's easy to add or remove windows, doorways, or move walls -– with measurements updated in real-time with each change.

Property Report

"The Property Report is a print-ready view of useful property information including the layout and a complete analysis by room, floor, and total property– all of which can be imported into a MLS, or used in a listing sheet. This insight into a property’s potential, eliminates buyers’ reliance on multiple site visits and the extra back-and-forth between buying and selling agents. Sales agents enjoy this detailed data since it speeds up sales with an instant at-a-glance property overviews while saving time entering MLS data."

New Suite of Features | Showcase Plugins


Contextualize your position within large spaces to navigate large areas like construction sites, commercial buildings, or vast properties more easily. The Minimap can be customized by different sizes and shapes, as well as placed in any corner of the screen.


For spaces where directional context is important, the compass allows viewers to navigate with even further clarity, indicating which direction is north relative to their viewpoint. This is very useful for construction and development.

Business card

Incorporate an expandable business card, highlighting contact information. For example, this could include agent or brokerage details for properties on sale or lease, or the reservations desk for hotels.

Quick Link

Add an image and a link in the corner of a model for quick and easy accessible content. This could be adding a menu to a restaurant, a booking time to reserve tickets to visit a museum, a donation button, and more.


Floor Plan Enhancements

New enhancements to the standard floor plan offerings. Previously only available in black and white, 2D floor plans are now available with more customization options, with customers now able to access color floor plans, with or without furniture, logo customization, and language options for English, French, Spanish, German, and Italian.


CAD File Add-On

In December, Matterport introduced the beta for the Matterport CAD file add-on, which converts Matterport digital twin point clouds into AutoCAD-ready, 2D plans of any space. 

This provides users with an alternative to tedious manual documentation of as-built conditions, repeat site visits to collect missing information, and manual file tracing. Customers can choose from four different output options to serve their needs: Architecture, Interior Furniture, Electrical, or All of Above.

Looking Towards the Future - "Project Genesis"

Matterport has become synonymous with digitizing and documenting physical spaces exactly as they exist. But starting in 2024, Matterport will enable you to reimagine what any space could become.  Through Project Genesis– starting with the ability to de-furnish any space, instantly.  "Whether you want to see a space as it was without any furniture, declutter the space of non-furniture items, or erase objects one at a time – Matterport’s Project Genesis will provide several easy to use tools allowing anyone to begin reimagining spaces with the touch of a button." De-furnishing is just the beginning...


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