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  • Robin Slick

3D Virtual Tours for Vacation Rental Properties

Updated: Apr 21

Similar to home sellers using 3D virtual tours to enhance buyers’ experiences when viewing “for sale” properties, a 3D virtual tour allows potential vacationers to visualize how a particular rental property could be the right fit for their precious time away from home.

Connecting with Your Client

Most rental properties rely on thumbnail-sized images to capture the essence of a property, where as, providing a 3D virtual tour allows for fuller engagement. Your prospective renter can virtually walk through the property and see its proximity to what’s around it – possibly a view of the ocean, a backyard or deck where drinks could be enjoyed while watching a sunset, or imagining cooking by the pool for friends and family. By virtually placing the viewer in your rental they begin to visualize their vacation. Even the best professional photos cannot provide this type of connection.

The Matterport Pro2 Camera

When researching 3D virtual tour photographers, it is important to recognize that not all virtual tour technologies are equal. Considered the gold standard for professional capture, the Matterport Pro2 camera produces the highest quality stitched together scans so that self-guided tours are a seamless experience. Along with self-guided tours, the Matterport Pro2 camera provides dollhouse views, interactive floor plans and Mattertags, the ability to highlight special features of your vacation rental. It is the most advanced 3D virtual tour technology on the market, offering an exceptional user experience, a shoulder above all others.


Video vs. 3D Virtual Tour

What about a stylish video? To some it is a worthwhile way to spend marketing dollars. However, often they are quite expensive and not as useful as a 3D virtual tour, where travelers have the ability to control their own experience. Clients using a 3D virtual tour chose their own journey as they explore your vacation home, looking at different angles and perspectives of a particular room.

Removing Uncertainty

As most people recognize, static photos can be deceptive at times, leaving renters in a somewhat unsure position. Offering a 3D virtual tour of your vacation home removes the uncertainty and fear of inconsistency that renters may at times feel. Potential clients will be at ease knowing what they see is what they are getting, which leads to properties renting faster and more consistently. Less questions remain for the renter.

Easy to Share & Staying Competitive

Once completed, 3D virtual tours can be embedded in any website, just like photos and videos. You can also share your 3D virtual tour by e-mail or via social media platforms. Vrbo is now the first vacation-rental platform publishing 3D virtual tours of rental listings. According to Vrbo, it’s the place where you can -

· Make your property stand out from similar listings in your area

· Set traveler expectations with an immersive, detailed look at your home

· Satisfy the growing demand for interactive shopping experiences

· Reduce traveler inquiries about your property and shorten time to book

In a January 2020 Forbes article, "New Virtual Tours Offer a Closer Look at Vacation Rentals" (before COVID-19 and before the increased demand for online virtual experiences) Christopher Elliott, writes how virtual tour technology is now being deployed by the major vacation rental sites. According to Jake Stewart, a senior product manager of virtual tours at Vrbo - “While virtual tour technology is not new to real estate and home buying, the travel and vacation rental industry is just starting to scratch the surface.” Stewart noted that vacation rental companies jumped into the virtual tour space after it became clear that the features helped book rentals. "While photos and property descriptions are incredibly helpful in describing a property, they don’t show every detail and corner, which travelers want when they’re deciding where to stay on vacation," she explains. “Depending on a traveler’s needs, they may want to know how far the restroom is from the bedroom or get a better sense of the view from the backyard pool.”

For further information on how "slickproductions"can provide you with a Mattorport 3D virtual tour to have your vacation rental stand out from your competition and to make sure your client’s expectations are aligned with the reality of renting your home, please visit


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